Reasons You Should Sell Your Gold Jewelry To A Trusted Source


Right now you could be sitting on a proverbial gold mine, which is somewhat literal in some instances. You could have a lot of jewelry that you don’t use, that is broken, and is something that could be difficult to even remember you have. People get gifts of jewelry and other items and over time, they end up getting put in drawers, forgotten, and unused.

Now, if you would like to keep your items, you can do that, but if you want to learn more about making your jewelry last, and perhaps give you an extra financial leg, then by all means, look into selling your items. Sell your items, and you could get paid fast. A good resource such as, is a great option. There are some reasons you should focus on this, especially if you want to ensure that your items don’t end up rusty, dull, and left without any benefit to you.


Getting A Financial Leg Up

 The very first thing that you should take into consideration is that you can get a financial leg up financially. A good resource will help you evaluate what you have, and will weigh the options to see if you are going to be able to get top dollar. Now, your items can be broken, dusty, dirty, and somewhat torn as well.


You don’t have to have things that are 100% perfect in any way. If you have anything that is made of pure gold, silver, platinum, and otherwise precious metals, you will be able to get a financial leg up, which is always a good thing. Gold, for instance, can garner you upwards of thousands of dollars if you have more than an ounce. An ounce of gold, at the time of this writing is going to garner you a great deal of money as well, which is why many jewelry options are worth while.



The Alternative Is No Money

What if you were to go with the alternative? Let’s take into consideration the alternative option of going with not selling your items at all. Let’s say that you don’t sell your options, and you end up with not going forward with any sort of financial element.

You just leave your gold items in your drawer, in the closet, and in a box. You don’t want to work with selling things, you just leave them be. The alternative to working with a pawn solution, you will have an alternative that will not pay you money at all. It will do nothing.


Put Your Items To Use

 Let’s say that you don’t want to lose your jewelry. If you were to go with options like,, you could get a loan. Yo would put your loan up for collateral, you would get paid, and then you will be able to get forward progress with a loan.

You could use your jewelry items and get paid through lending, and you can pay back your loan, and get your items back. Then get a loan whenever you want to work with getting paid for jewelry that is otherwise just collecting dust.


An Overview Of The PCB Assembly And Production Process


Similar to the creation of any product, there are several steps and processes that need to be executed in order to come up with the perfect finished printed circuit board. Likewise, it is most important that the stages are each seamlessly integrated to ensure overall product quality.


There must be a constant relay of information throughout each stage of PCB assembly from the very first input to the last output. This practice helps to lessen the amount of problems that will be encountered in later stages since each small issue can be resolved as soon as it is detected.

The assembly process

In a nutshell, the main stages in PCB assembly are applying solder paste, picking out components, placing components, soldering, and the final inspection and product testing. Not one of these processes can be removed from the line-up and meticulous monitoring must be observed to ensure quality output.

Nowadays, most PCB assembly make use of surface mount technology or SMT. The processes enumerated below likewise entail the use of components that are compatible with surface mount technology.

Printing solder paste

Unlike the application of conventional paste or glue, solder paste is deposited onto the circuit board in a way that is similar to printer’s ink. However, the solder paste is not runny or completely liquid in form. Instead, it is composed of small solder grains mixed together with flux.

The specific areas on the printed circuit board where solder must be added are commonly referred to as component pads or solder pads. A solder screen is used to designate where the solder will be deposited. This special screen is created from the same mold and files as the actual printed circuit board. This ensures that the two parts will be perfectly aligned and that the solder will only be placed on the designated areas in the right concentrations.

Picking and Placing Components

In order to ensure precision in the PCB assembly, the placement of the printed circuit board components are performed by a special machine designed to handle surface mount technology. The design information is already programmed into the machine to simplify the process of picking out and placing each component.

In addition, printed circuit boards that need components on both sides and those that need to undergo wave soldering require the use of a glue dispenser in order to hold everything in place.

Nevertheless, the glue does make future repairs more difficult to perform. For this reason, certain types of glue are made to degrade over time.

Reflow Soldering

Reflow soldering is a process that melts that solder paste and permanently connects that component joints. Throughout the entire process, a controlled temperature is applied across the surface of the board. Reflow refers to the fact that the solder is heated to a certain temperature that will make the solder alloy melt or flow.

Cropping and Insertion

PCB assemblyTo ensure that the component leads fit the board, they will need to be measured and cropped if necessary. Leads that are too long will not fit securely, while leads that are too short will not be able to form a strong solder joint.

After the leads pass through the through-holes, jigs are used to hold the leads in place. Bending the ends of the leads can also lessen the stress on the component parts.


After the individual components have been placed onto the board, the entire piece must then undergo a soldering process to seal the bond. Wave soldering was a popular type of soldering used in the past although it is not commonly used for boards that use surface mount technology. Nowadays, reflow soldering is the technique of choice.


After undergoing the soldering process, the printed circuit boards must then undergo a final inspection. Automatic optical inspection machines and x-rays are used to detect loose solder balls, shorts, poor joints, solder bridges, and misplaced components.

Final Testing

Prior to leaving the factory, each finished board must be tested at the end of the PCB assembly process. Any boards that do not pass the company’s strict quality standards are immediately rejected and disposed of.

In Conclusion

In order to provide this overview, the entire printed circuit board assembly was considerably simplified and summarized. The whole process itself is extremely exhaustive and detailed. Manufacturers are constantly expected to uphold high product standards and defects must be minimized if not completely eliminated. For this reason, precision machinery is often preferred over manual labor.

Today, there are normally over a hundred individual components and joints that can be found on each printed circuit board. This only means that the manufacturers have even greater pressures placed on them when it comes to ensuring quality. After all, the proper execution of each stage and process will dictate whether the products themselves will be created and perform as intended.


All You Must Know About Custom Embroidered Patches


Embroidered patches are typically used in school uniforms and office attires. Commonly, the design of the embroidered patch is based on the logo of the school or company. With the use of the embroidered patch, the other people will easily know the membership of a certain person in the organization or group. The embroidered patches can be customized. The person, organization or group has the choice in designing their embroidered patch.

Custom embroidered patches come in different kinds of backings. One kind is the standard sew on patches. This is considered as the traditional type of embroidered patch because it is sewn onto a cloth or any material where it may be attached. The other kind of embroidered patch is the button loop. It is a type of patch that is hung into a button. There is also a kind of patch called Velcro. This type of patch can remove anytime you want. The main purpose of it is to allow the user to change his or her patch and replace it with a different design of the patch.

There are also different border types of custom embroidered patches –

Custom PatchesThe two most prominent are the merrow border and the hot cut edge. The merrow border of embroidered patch is considered to be a standard type because of its classic look. Meanwhile, the hot cut edge is typically seen on the patches that have detailed edges. The borders of hot cut edge are sharp and have a fine detail.

Patches4less is one of the companies that can be your one stop source of custom patches. We are providing all kinds of patches, as well as different types of borders for your patch. We have an expertise in this industry, that’s why we want our clients to be satisfied with the products and services we can offer. To know more about our company, you may ask our staff through our website at You may also contact us using our social media accounts.

Custom embroidered patches come in different sizes –

It will depend on your personal needs. The typical size of the patch is 1.5 inches and the usual shape is rounded. But, because the embroidered patch can be customized, the size and shape will depend on your preference. It also comes in various colors. You, as the client, have the choice in choosing the best colors for your embroidered patches. But, the company you will choose may suggest changes in the designs and colors of your embroidered patch. In order to have the best color matching for your embroidered patch, you may search on the internet about the color pantones and matching.

Patches4Less can give you the best and highest quality custom patches. We make and produce patches that satisfy our clients. We give our clients the choice in picking the right and the best colors for their embroidered patch. But, we also make suggestions in color matching, which is free of charge. If our clients desire to give us the task of designing their patch, we do it for free.

Aside from the physical appearance of the embroidered patch, it is also one of the best ways in promoting a brand, or showing awareness to the public about the existence of a certain thing or event. The custom embroidered patches can be used in effectively marketing a business. It can be given to the clients or customers as a mini souvenir, especially if the business is new. It can effectively promote a brand without using too much sales talk. Furthermore, the custom patches can also be used in raising awareness to the public. One example is by using the patch for a certain event. The people will know that an event or celebration is happening within the area.

Custom embroidered patches are also affordable, unlike other materials being used in promoting a brand or raising publicity. Aside from its low price, the real purpose of the embroidered patch is one of the things that shall not be removed. It can generate success in a business or organization, and it also shows affiliation of a person in a specific group. So, you must choose the company that not only makes perfect appearance of the product, but also promotes the main purpose of the patch.


Taylormade Golf Technology

Taylormade Golf has been a key player in the industry for more than 20 years. It has been known for its innovative creations that aid golf players in their game. The company is responsible for making bold choices and producing game-changing clubs and drivers over the years.

The Research & Development team of  Taylormade Golf Company has been recognized for providing innovative and customizable clubs, drivers etc for players. They are the trendsetters in the market. Rockbottomgolf are gives the guideline to choose the right Taylormade Golf product.

Here are some of the outstanding technologies that  Taylormade Golf Company has introduced in the market:

1. Speed Pockets

2. Speed Balls

3. Roller Bladez

4. R9 Fitting Technology

5. Movable Weight Technology

6. Adjustable Hosel Drivers

Golf DriverThese are just few of the notable innovations the company has made. For several years,  Taylormade remains number 1 in the United States market. It is also very sellable in the Asian market. The top Asian countries that generate sales for TM are: Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippines.

Today, TM Company is known as  Taylormade Golf-Adidas. This joint project was established a few years ago. It is now the biggest company that produces golf equipments, balls and apparel. In 2011, their sales reached over $1 Billion in selling golf-related products.

TMAG-Adidas also specializes in innovating comfortable apparel and footwear technology. Among the many brands competing in the golf apparel industry, TMAG-Adidas sets the standards for quality products.

Currently they have incorporated the following technology in their clothing and footwear:


1. Climalite – it’s heavier in terms of weight. Ideal for layering on colder days. It’s a highly breathable fabric that keeps moisture (sweat) away.

2. Climacool – it’s anti-microbial and has UPF 15++. It’s good in superior moisture management. It also contains mesh ventilation in critical zones.

3. Climaproof – it’s a lightweight and soft material. Ideal for daily wear too. It offers all-weather protection. The fabric can withstand any weather condition.

4. Climawarm – it’s a lightweight material that retains body heat of the wearer. It’s ideal for golf games because the clothing doesn’t bulge, making the wearer comfortable.

5. Climacool with Coolex – it’s a highly breathable fabric. It also contains mesh protection, in several areas.

6. Climalite Cotton – it provides essential moisture but keeps the wearer dry and comfortable.

7. Formotion – sports specific clothing that was engineered with the Climacool technology. It provides breathability and moisture control.

8. TechfitPowerweb – this type of clothing stands out because it is contour hugging but is able to provide a moisture-free environment.

9. Thermal ClimaCompression – it provides muscle support and extends endurance. Sweat also evaporates immediately in this type of clothing.

One of the criteria that sets TMG-Adidas apart are, they carefully plan and engineer the apparel products they’re offering the market. These clothing are not only aesthetically pleasing, but provides an over-all fun experience.


1. Adiprene – it provides lasting comfort as the heel of the foot absorbs the impact from walking or standing too long.

2. Adiprene+ – provides better support for footwork, as the body changes positions and the weight shifts.

3. Adituff – it provides abrasion resistance and durability especially in the toe area.

Taylormade Golf
4. Adiwear – made with non-marking rubber that aids in providing balance. This technology is equipped for flexibility, abrasion resistance and traction. It provides comfort all day.

5. Advanced Traxion Technology – this technology provides a firm grip support, comfort and strength. It also doesn’t leave spike marks.

6. Climacool – an exclusive Adidas technology, which keeps the feet moisture-free, well ventilated and comfortable.

7. Climaproof – it is 100% waterproof and consists of two layers of protection. The first layer protects the shoes from moisture, while the second layer prevents water from sipping inside the shoes.

8. Gripzone – a unique textured technology that holds the foot securely as the wearer moves for better control and maximum power.

9. Formotion – this technology allows the wearer to move freely as the shoe provides support for specific zones in the foot. It promotes a more stable swing and balanced movement.


Getting The Most Of Portable Storage Containers

Storage problems are not unique anymore to offices and businesses. Even households have the perennial problem of finding storage for just about anything – furniture, appliances, clothes, and even gardening equipment. In our haste to try to finish several things all at the same time, we unconsciously de-prioritize doing one thing over another, resulting to a lot of unfinished projects and items strewn here and there. Before you know it, your house is in a total disarray.

Even just a few years back, the solution to over storing goods is by holding a garage sale or with a heavy heart, deciding to give your “prized possessions” to your near and dear relatives and friends. The problem nowadays is that there are really times when we need storage: and fast. Previously, it was warehousing that was resorted to if the volume of items for storage really cannot be managed already.

What should you do if the items you will be storing will be needed from time to time?

Remember those steel boxes that you sometimes see on the roads being hauled by trucks? Well, these same steel boxes have now been a big help to companies, businesses and even households as they are now being used as portable storage containers. With these boxes, storage problems can be resolved. You will have the option to either rent or purchase these steel boxes, depending on how long you will need them.

Of course, if the need is temporary, renting is the best option. However, since you do not own the box, there are certain limitations on its use, the primary one being that you cannot alter or customize it to meet your needs. Thus, its use will just really be storage, and nothing else.

Movable Container

Entities or companies who foresee a more or less permanent use for the box may decide to purchase the portable storage containers outright. The purchase will give them more flexibility because aside from using these as storage equipment, they can also customize the box according to their specific need. They can use this as a housing for their generators, a display window (or a store) for manufactured products, or a temporary storage for their inventory. Some companies have also used these storage containers as temporary offices for their construction sites.

Enterprising households have transformed some of these boxes into small snack stores, serving food on the go. Even more surprisingly, a number of these boxes have turned out into beautiful quaint homes.

So How Do the Boxes Look Like?

The steel boxes come in 20, 40 or 45 ft. Height of the box is such that you can actually walk inside comfortably through the 2 sliding doors at the back. The boxes have air vents so if you are deciding to transform this into something livable, then you need just a few adjustments so you can have additional windows. They are delivered on tilt back trucks and are usually mounted on a six- inch lips so that heavy equipment can be driven right into it. Unless your specific county requires a permit for you to have one sitting in your yard, getting these boxes are actually hassle free.

Portable Storage Containers: The Way to Go

Our portable containers have been a boon to businesses as these provide an easier and more hassle-free and worry-free storage solutions. The way businesses are run today, time is important. Thus, putting up storage facility on-site is really out of the question.

Storage containers

Here at Movable Container Storage, we provide fast and easy service: storage when you need it, where you need it. Our rental/purchase options answer a commitment that we will always be at our customers’ side in all their storage needs. We can even help customize your box based on your exact when you choose to purchase one of our containers. So the next time you think of storage, think Movable Container Storage.


Motivational Speaker Success: Tips in Choosing the Best Motivational Speaker for your Event

It would be really hard to find the right motivational speaker for your events. Your guest speaker should match with your group for an efficient way of conveying your message. Clients want a motivational speaker that has the power of inspiring people through his words and yet creates an entertaining and fun experience. They want a professional speaker who has knowledge about their industry and customs program that will perfectly fit to the theme of the event or company. But hiring professional guest speakers is often costly and so many decision makers are forced to lower their demands for a lower cost.

With us, motivational-speaker-success, you don’t have to lower your standards anymore because at budget-friendly rates, we will surely make your event a huge success!

Professional motivational speaker, Garrison Wynn, is an educating, inspiring and entertaining speaker you’ll never find anywhere. He greatly delivers the right words for everyone that is worth applying for to our everyday lives. Each keynote conveyed is on-point and informative that would really sum up all your company’s success stories. He delivers powerful information that audiences can relate to leaving them delighted and amused.

Tips on Choosing a Guest Speaker

We, at motivational-speaker-success, always want the best results for your events. With the right guest speaker, your event’s success is not impossible. Here, we are going to give you several ideas on choosing a motivational speaker who is best for your event.

• Know your audience’s needs

Motivational SpeakerDeciding for your audience needs is essential in selecting your guest speaker. Do you want to be entertained and be informed at the same time? Are your audience seeking for informational ideas about sales management? Form essential questions to help you in determining their needs. It is important to blend the entertainment with information that is needed to convey.

Pure entertainment may not be appropriate especially for corporate events. Your guest speaker should know how to balance the value of entertainment and the value of motivational message. Through this, your audience will surely have a good time listening to your speaker.

• Work on your events time, date and budget

Determining the time when you will introduce your speaker and how much time are needed for the speech. It is important to allot a specific time for your speaker’s speech for an effective flow of event program.  It is also essential to look for a guest speaker as soon as the date for your event is set. Professional speakers book engagements a year earlier so you need to get on their calendar as early as you can. When it comes to budget, again, our company, the motivational-speaker-success, is the best choice for you. You’ll definitely have an engaging experience in a budget friendly way.

• Distinguish the type of guest speaker that is best for your event

motivational speakersThere are several types of guest speaker who you should match with your audience needs. If you want a humorous delivery of message, a humorist speaker is your best choice. With a professional humorist, they will definitely entertain your audience without compromising the information needed to convey. Do you want your audience to have an inspiring experience with your event? Hire a motivational speaker! They will provide your audience powerful and uplifting stories that they can relate to. They usually add humour to their speech as well but not as humorous as humorist speaker does.

A celebrity speaker is perfect if you want to attract people to your event. Some of them are great speakers while others are not so be sure to choose speakers who are worthy of your money. If you’re looking for an expert in a particular industry, choose an industry speaker. They will provide lectures about a specific industry topic and will greatly inform your audience about your industry.

• Be sure with your resources

Before hiring your guest speaker, you should at least check on their credibility. It is essential to do a thorough research about the speaker for guaranteeing purposes. With us at motivational-speaker-success, expect to receive all the information you need about our motivational speaker. We can include video segments of Garrison Wynn in different events and some client testimonials.

• Check on the speaker’s experience

Of course, you want a quality guest speaker for your event and so it is essential to check on his experience. It is important to choose for a proficient and reliable speaker to be presented to your audience. Your target is the 100% satisfaction of the people in your event.

Health and Medicine

The dark truth behind steroids


When you hear the word steroids, what comes to your mind? Most likely, your basic idea would be that steroids are a type of nutritional supplement that helps in the bulking up of bodybuilders and gym bunnies. Well, you are partly right. Chemically, a steroid is classified as a compound that contains a unique arrangement of four rings of cycloalkane. They’re found everywhere. As a matter of fact not only are they created chemically, as they are also found in animals and even fungi.

needleAnabolic steroids are those that are used by athletes to bulk up. Legally, one will need a doctor’s prescription before they can purchase steroids. Steroids are usually used to treat specific medical conditions. For example, they are prescribed to people suffering from AIDS in order to avoid or slow down muscle wasting. They are also prescribed to people suffering from muscular dystrophy. They can also be used in treating people whose puberty have been delayed.

Anabolic steroids are artificial testosterones, which is the male hormone. Naturally, the body would produce enough testosterone. Some, however, would like to bulk up even more. This is where the problem begins. Several athletes and bodybuilders abuse steroids, using the substance in order to have more muscle mass.

chemicalsAs to be expected, a doctor is not allowed to prescribe steroids to athletes and bodybuilders. They would have to rely on steroid alternatives instead. This is because anabolic steroids are really powerful hormones that can cause various negative effects to the body. The following are some of its negative effects:

First, men who take anabolic steroids have a significant chance of undergoing some uncomfortable physical changes. There have been reports that men who use steroids have started to develop large breasts. Essentially, part of a bodybuilder’s goals is to develop a strong and pronounced pectoral area. However, this case is different. They have developed really unsightly, almost-feminine breasts.

Second, they also have really painful erections and some even have had their testicles shrink. This is brought about by an excess of testosterone in the body.

A terrible effect as well among men would be total infertility and impotence. Some undocumented medical reports also show reductions in penile size.

Women have also developed unwanted effects like a voice changes and increased amounts of body hair. Several women who abuse anabolic steroids have even developed mustaches and other unsightly facial hair.

Finally, a terrible effect of steroid abuse would be an increased risk in liver diseases and even cancer. Some also experience mild to major heart attacks.

This is the why doctors want people to start using steroid alternatives instead. Steroid alternatives, as an option (instead of using anabolic steroids) is definitely a safer and healthier choice. First, they do not produce the same unwanted side effects that come with using too much anabolic steroid. Another good thing about steroid alternatives is the fact that the level of testosterone contained in the medicine is regulated, making sure that the body will not react negatively to the presence of a bigger dose of the hormone.

Steroids, although medically allowed, are now being viewed as a dangerous substance by society because of the abuse done by athletes. Instances have been reported where they have used steroids before official games.

At the end of the day, steroids have their own uses and benefits. However, for someone who is only looking only to improve his muscle tone or would want to bulk up, using steroids might not be the best decision. The safer and better way to go would be to look for alternatives that are far superior to harmful conventional steroids.