Motivational Speaker Success: Tips in Choosing the Best Motivational Speaker for your Event

It would be really hard to find the right motivational speaker for your events. Your guest speaker should match with your group for an efficient way of conveying your message. Clients want a motivational speaker that has the power of inspiring people through his words and yet creates an entertaining and fun experience. They want a professional speaker who has knowledge about their industry and customs program that will perfectly fit to the theme of the event or company. But hiring professional guest speakers is often costly and so many decision makers are forced to lower their demands for a lower cost.

With us, motivational-speaker-success, you don’t have to lower your standards anymore because at budget-friendly rates, we will surely make your event a huge success!

Professional motivational speaker, Garrison Wynn, is an educating, inspiring and entertaining speaker you’ll never find anywhere. He greatly delivers the right words for everyone that is worth applying for to our everyday lives. Each keynote conveyed is on-point and informative that would really sum up all your company’s success stories. He delivers powerful information that audiences can relate to leaving them delighted and amused.

Tips on Choosing a Guest Speaker

We, at motivational-speaker-success, always want the best results for your events. With the right guest speaker, your event’s success is not impossible. Here, we are going to give you several ideas on choosing a motivational speaker who is best for your event.

• Know your audience’s needs

Motivational SpeakerDeciding for your audience needs is essential in selecting your guest speaker. Do you want to be entertained and be informed at the same time? Are your audience seeking for informational ideas about sales management? Form essential questions to help you in determining their needs. It is important to blend the entertainment with information that is needed to convey.

Pure entertainment may not be appropriate especially for corporate events. Your guest speaker should know how to balance the value of entertainment and the value of motivational message. Through this, your audience will surely have a good time listening to your speaker.

• Work on your events time, date and budget

Determining the time when you will introduce your speaker and how much time are needed for the speech. It is important to allot a specific time for your speaker’s speech for an effective flow of event program.  It is also essential to look for a guest speaker as soon as the date for your event is set. Professional speakers book engagements a year earlier so you need to get on their calendar as early as you can. When it comes to budget, again, our company, the motivational-speaker-success, is the best choice for you. You’ll definitely have an engaging experience in a budget friendly way.

• Distinguish the type of guest speaker that is best for your event

motivational speakersThere are several types of guest speaker who you should match with your audience needs. If you want a humorous delivery of message, a humorist speaker is your best choice. With a professional humorist, they will definitely entertain your audience without compromising the information needed to convey. Do you want your audience to have an inspiring experience with your event? Hire a motivational speaker! They will provide your audience powerful and uplifting stories that they can relate to. They usually add humour to their speech as well but not as humorous as humorist speaker does.

A celebrity speaker is perfect if you want to attract people to your event. Some of them are great speakers while others are not so be sure to choose speakers who are worthy of your money. If you’re looking for an expert in a particular industry, choose an industry speaker. They will provide lectures about a specific industry topic and will greatly inform your audience about your industry.

• Be sure with your resources

Before hiring your guest speaker, you should at least check on their credibility. It is essential to do a thorough research about the speaker for guaranteeing purposes. With us at motivational-speaker-success, expect to receive all the information you need about our motivational speaker. We can include video segments of Garrison Wynn in different events and some client testimonials.

• Check on the speaker’s experience

Of course, you want a quality guest speaker for your event and so it is essential to check on his experience. It is important to choose for a proficient and reliable speaker to be presented to your audience. Your target is the 100% satisfaction of the people in your event.

Health and Medicine

The dark truth behind steroids


When you hear the word steroids, what comes to your mind? Most likely, your basic idea would be that steroids are a type of nutritional supplement that helps in the bulking up of bodybuilders and gym bunnies. Well, you are partly right. Chemically, a steroid is classified as a compound that contains a unique arrangement of four rings of cycloalkane. They’re found everywhere. As a matter of fact not only are they created chemically, as they are also found in animals and even fungi.

needleAnabolic steroids are those that are used by athletes to bulk up. Legally, one will need a doctor’s prescription before they can purchase steroids. Steroids are usually used to treat specific medical conditions. For example, they are prescribed to people suffering from AIDS in order to avoid or slow down muscle wasting. They are also prescribed to people suffering from muscular dystrophy. They can also be used in treating people whose puberty have been delayed.

Anabolic steroids are artificial testosterones, which is the male hormone. Naturally, the body would produce enough testosterone. Some, however, would like to bulk up even more. This is where the problem begins. Several athletes and bodybuilders abuse steroids, using the substance in order to have more muscle mass.

chemicalsAs to be expected, a doctor is not allowed to prescribe steroids to athletes and bodybuilders. They would have to rely on steroid alternatives instead. This is because anabolic steroids are really powerful hormones that can cause various negative effects to the body. The following are some of its negative effects:

First, men who take anabolic steroids have a significant chance of undergoing some uncomfortable physical changes. There have been reports that men who use steroids have started to develop large breasts. Essentially, part of a bodybuilder’s goals is to develop a strong and pronounced pectoral area. However, this case is different. They have developed really unsightly, almost-feminine breasts.

Second, they also have really painful erections and some even have had their testicles shrink. This is brought about by an excess of testosterone in the body.

A terrible effect as well among men would be total infertility and impotence. Some undocumented medical reports also show reductions in penile size.

Women have also developed unwanted effects like a voice changes and increased amounts of body hair. Several women who abuse anabolic steroids have even developed mustaches and other unsightly facial hair.

Finally, a terrible effect of steroid abuse would be an increased risk in liver diseases and even cancer. Some also experience mild to major heart attacks.

This is the why doctors want people to start using steroid alternatives instead. Steroid alternatives, as an option (instead of using anabolic steroids) is definitely a safer and healthier choice. First, they do not produce the same unwanted side effects that come with using too much anabolic steroid. Another good thing about steroid alternatives is the fact that the level of testosterone contained in the medicine is regulated, making sure that the body will not react negatively to the presence of a bigger dose of the hormone.

Steroids, although medically allowed, are now being viewed as a dangerous substance by society because of the abuse done by athletes. Instances have been reported where they have used steroids before official games.

At the end of the day, steroids have their own uses and benefits. However, for someone who is only looking only to improve his muscle tone or would want to bulk up, using steroids might not be the best decision. The safer and better way to go would be to look for alternatives that are far superior to harmful conventional steroids.