Taylormade Golf Technology

Taylormade Golf has been a key player in the industry for more than 20 years. It has been known for its innovative creations that aid golf players in their game. The company is responsible for making bold choices and producing game-changing clubs and drivers over the years.

The Research & Development team of  Taylormade Golf Company has been recognized for providing innovative and customizable clubs, drivers etc for players. They are the trendsetters in the market. Rockbottomgolf are gives the guideline to choose the right Taylormade Golf product.

Here are some of the outstanding technologies that  Taylormade Golf Company has introduced in the market:

1. Speed Pockets

2. Speed Balls

3. Roller Bladez

4. R9 Fitting Technology

5. Movable Weight Technology

6. Adjustable Hosel Drivers

Golf DriverThese are just few of the notable innovations the company has made. For several years,  Taylormade remains number 1 in the United States market. It is also very sellable in the Asian market. The top Asian countries that generate sales for TM are: Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippines.

Today, TM Company is known as  Taylormade Golf-Adidas. This joint project was established a few years ago. It is now the biggest company that produces golf equipments, balls and apparel. In 2011, their sales reached over $1 Billion in selling golf-related products.

TMAG-Adidas also specializes in innovating comfortable apparel and footwear technology. Among the many brands competing in the golf apparel industry, TMAG-Adidas sets the standards for quality products.

Currently they have incorporated the following technology in their clothing and footwear:


1. Climalite – it’s heavier in terms of weight. Ideal for layering on colder days. It’s a highly breathable fabric that keeps moisture (sweat) away.

2. Climacool – it’s anti-microbial and has UPF 15++. It’s good in superior moisture management. It also contains mesh ventilation in critical zones.

3. Climaproof – it’s a lightweight and soft material. Ideal for daily wear too. It offers all-weather protection. The fabric can withstand any weather condition.

4. Climawarm – it’s a lightweight material that retains body heat of the wearer. It’s ideal for golf games because the clothing doesn’t bulge, making the wearer comfortable.

5. Climacool with Coolex – it’s a highly breathable fabric. It also contains mesh protection, in several areas.

6. Climalite Cotton – it provides essential moisture but keeps the wearer dry and comfortable.

7. Formotion – sports specific clothing that was engineered with the Climacool technology. It provides breathability and moisture control.

8. TechfitPowerweb – this type of clothing stands out because it is contour hugging but is able to provide a moisture-free environment.

9. Thermal ClimaCompression – it provides muscle support and extends endurance. Sweat also evaporates immediately in this type of clothing.

One of the criteria that sets TMG-Adidas apart are, they carefully plan and engineer the apparel products they’re offering the market. These clothing are not only aesthetically pleasing, but provides an over-all fun experience.


1. Adiprene – it provides lasting comfort as the heel of the foot absorbs the impact from walking or standing too long.

2. Adiprene+ – provides better support for footwork, as the body changes positions and the weight shifts.

3. Adituff – it provides abrasion resistance and durability especially in the toe area.

Taylormade Golf
4. Adiwear – made with non-marking rubber that aids in providing balance. This technology is equipped for flexibility, abrasion resistance and traction. It provides comfort all day.

5. Advanced Traxion Technology – this technology provides a firm grip support, comfort and strength. It also doesn’t leave spike marks.

6. Climacool – an exclusive Adidas technology, which keeps the feet moisture-free, well ventilated and comfortable.

7. Climaproof – it is 100% waterproof and consists of two layers of protection. The first layer protects the shoes from moisture, while the second layer prevents water from sipping inside the shoes.

8. Gripzone – a unique textured technology that holds the foot securely as the wearer moves for better control and maximum power.

9. Formotion – this technology allows the wearer to move freely as the shoe provides support for specific zones in the foot. It promotes a more stable swing and balanced movement.