All You Must Know About Custom Embroidered Patches


Embroidered patches are typically used in school uniforms and office attires. Commonly, the design of the embroidered patch is based on the logo of the school or company. With the use of the embroidered patch, the other people will easily know the membership of a certain person in the organization or group. The embroidered patches can be customized. The person, organization or group has the choice in designing their embroidered patch.

Custom embroidered patches come in different kinds of backings. One kind is the standard sew on patches. This is considered as the traditional type of embroidered patch because it is sewn onto a cloth or any material where it may be attached. The other kind of embroidered patch is the button loop. It is a type of patch that is hung into a button. There is also a kind of patch called Velcro. This type of patch can remove anytime you want. The main purpose of it is to allow the user to change his or her patch and replace it with a different design of the patch.

There are also different border types of custom embroidered patches –

Custom PatchesThe two most prominent are the merrow border and the hot cut edge. The merrow border of embroidered patch is considered to be a standard type because of its classic look. Meanwhile, the hot cut edge is typically seen on the patches that have detailed edges. The borders of hot cut edge are sharp and have a fine detail.

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Custom embroidered patches come in different sizes –

It will depend on your personal needs. The typical size of the patch is 1.5 inches and the usual shape is rounded. But, because the embroidered patch can be customized, the size and shape will depend on your preference. It also comes in various colors. You, as the client, have the choice in choosing the best colors for your embroidered patches. But, the company you will choose may suggest changes in the designs and colors of your embroidered patch. In order to have the best color matching for your embroidered patch, you may search on the internet about the color pantones and matching.

Patches4Less can give you the best and highest quality custom patches. We make and produce patches that satisfy our clients. We give our clients the choice in picking the right and the best colors for their embroidered patch. But, we also make suggestions in color matching, which is free of charge. If our clients desire to give us the task of designing their patch, we do it for free.

Aside from the physical appearance of the embroidered patch, it is also one of the best ways in promoting a brand, or showing awareness to the public about the existence of a certain thing or event. The custom embroidered patches can be used in effectively marketing a business. It can be given to the clients or customers as a mini souvenir, especially if the business is new. It can effectively promote a brand without using too much sales talk. Furthermore, the custom patches can also be used in raising awareness to the public. One example is by using the patch for a certain event. The people will know that an event or celebration is happening within the area.

Custom embroidered patches are also affordable, unlike other materials being used in promoting a brand or raising publicity. Aside from its low price, the real purpose of the embroidered patch is one of the things that shall not be removed. It can generate success in a business or organization, and it also shows affiliation of a person in a specific group. So, you must choose the company that not only makes perfect appearance of the product, but also promotes the main purpose of the patch.